Contract Options

Full Service

Our comprehensive coverage includes maintenance on all parts, scalable labor hours or 24/7 service.


Planned Maintenance Only

A Planned Maintenance (PM) only contract encompasses the required OEM visits during your contract period to keep your system running efficiently with maximized image quality. Our field engineers will ensure the system is within spec, if not they will repair, troubleshoot, calibrate, or tune-up your system. Our engineers leave your facility knowing the patients being scanned by your system are receiving quality images. With a PM Contract, discounts on labor and parts are available.


Hourly Billed

SwMR offers one-time direct services to satisfy your imaging equipment needs. Whether you are looking for an engineer to repair a magnet or tube, or a team of engineers to install or remove a system, we have the right training and experience to make your facility perform efficiently.


Magnet & Tube Maintenance



SwMR offers an array of maintenance services on magnets. From magnet shimming and ramping, to rebuilding Sumitomo coldheads and compressors, or stabilizing cryogen levels. Our engineers are on standby to complete any maintenance task to manufacturer specifications. Our cryogen subsystems contracts for magnets comprise a 3-year minimum coverage on coldheads, compressors, lines, and helium fills to avoid damage to the system and sustain a safe scanning environment for the patients and technicians.



SwMR is a premier Dunlee X-Ray tube dealer. We work closely with Dunlee engineers to assure quality operation, in fact, we have our own in-house X-Ray tube assembly and an abundant supply of refurbished tubes. We can provide tube changes, installations, and calibrations on GE CT or PET/CT systems, and our expertise is truly unmatched in the industry. Our tube maintenance contracts consist of a 3-year minimum agreement that covers only the services your business demands. Need your tube replaced? Our installation expertise is unmatched in the industry.

Shared Care

A shared care contract gives our customers the ability to limit costs and share the risk without exposure reaching unacceptable levels



Industry expert serving through innovation and care

Remote Diagnostic Unit

Special Features

•  HIPPA compliant images

•  Helium leak detection

•  Pin-pointed diagnostics

•  Coldhead remote reset

•  24/7 expert phone support

Remotely Monitor

•  Mobile updates

•  Helium level/pressure

•  Error logs

•  Equipment room temperature & humidity

•  Water chiller status

•  Water flow

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