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Available Equipment

  • ​​0.7T HFO LX (9x)

  • 0.7T HFO Excite (11x)

  • 1.0T Horizon (5x)

  • 1.0T Signa LX (9x)

  • 1.5T Horizon (5x)

  • 1.5T Signa LX (9x)

  • 1.5T Signa Excite (11x)

  • 1.5T Signa HD (12x)

  • 1.5T Signa HDe

  • 1.5T Signa HDx (14x)

  • 1.5T Signa HDxt (15x)

  • 1.5T Signa HDxt (16x)

  • 1.5T Signa HDxt (23x)

  • 1.5T Discovery MR450 (23x)

  • 1.5T Optima MR450w (23x)

  • 3.0T Signa LX (9x)

  • 3.0T Signa HD (12x)

  • 3.0T Signa HDx (14x)

  • 3.0T Signa HDxt (15x)

  • 3.0T Signa HDxt (16x)

  • 3.0T Signa HDxt (23x)

  • 3.0T Discovery MR750 (23x)

  • 3.0T Discovery MR750w (23x)

  • HiSpeed FXI (1)

  • HiSpeed LXI (1)

  • HiSpeed DXI (1)

  • HiSpeed ZXI (2)

  • HiSpeed NXI (2)

  • HiSpeed Advantage RP (1)

  • HiSpeed Advantage CTI (1)

  • HiSpeed Advantage Z (1)

  • LightSpeed QXI (4)

  • LightSpeed Plus (4)

  • LightSpeed RT 4 (4)

  • LightSped Ultra (8)

  • LightSpeed 16 (16)

  • LightSpeed 16 PRO (16)

  • LightSpeed RT 16 (16)

  • LightSpeed VCT 32 (32)

  • LightSpeed VCT 64 (64)

  • BrightSpeed Excel (4)

  • BrightSpeed Edge (8)

  • BrightSpeed Elite (16)

  • Discovery LS 4

  • Discovery LS 8

  • Discovery LS 16

  • Discovery ST 4

  • Discovery ST 8

  • Discovery ST 16

  • Discovery STE 8

  • Discovery STE 16

  • Discovery VCT 64


Equipment Types

Our equipment expertise spans GE diagnostic equipment, including MRI, CT, and PET/CT. SwMR is currently ranked among the top 3rd party service and pre-owned diagnostic equipment providers in the nation. We offer mobile systems, ideal for short- or long-term leasing, and fixed-site systems.

Our field engineers are OEM trained, qualified technology specialists, capable in system programming, electrical engineering, and advanced system troubleshooting.

Turnkey Solutions

SwMR stocks full mobile and fixed site MRI, CT and Pet/CT systems.  We have the highest quality refurbishment standards so when you buy from SouthWest, you're getting the best.  Our customers trust us because we have a team of knowledgeable experts who bring affordable solutions to the table. 

We have assembled a team of OEM trained experts capable of performing any service required for your system. The specialists at SwMR have completed hundreds of installations on General Electric MRI, CT, PET and PET/CT systems. All of our projects are accurately completed to OEM specifications, with attention to detail and follow through.

Our expertise includes start-to-finish projects, from pre-site planning with your architect to construction, equipment rigging, applications training and specialty components. We ensure a smooth installation process and optimal image quality from your equipment. Providing all system services needed, from basic preventative maintenance and tune-up to full detailed calibrations, magnet ramping, passive shimming, gradient calibrations and normalization.

Our special projects point of sale service includes customized mobile or fixed site systems catered to your specific needs. SwMR provides the system type, options and/or coils that are required to produce the diagnostic imaging results required by your facility. Basic equipment upgrades ranging from 9x to HD23 to the complete package with the removal of an older system and installation of a new Discovery, Optima or Signa system.

Long Term / Interim Rentals

SouthWest Medical Resources offers a range of leasing options. Whether your facility is looking for a short- or long-term rental, We can help you find the solution that meets your imaging and budgetary needs. Our fleet of MRI, CT and Pet/CT systems are fully refurbished and meticulously maintained so operation time is maximized. When you are experiencing renovations, system upgrades, system removals or new equipment testing, Southwest Medical Resources offers mobile system rentals as your interim solution. Our interim rentals are competitively priced and quality assured. Contracts are amenable, giving you the flexibility needed as your facility undergoes modifications.


SwMR wants to help your hospital or imaging center maximize imaging product and profits. That's why we offer affordable financing plans to help with system acquisitions.

SwMR is dedicated to helping you reach your optimum return on investment. Through creative planning, financing and close attention to your needs – we will always have a solution.

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  • Mobile Leasing

  • Service Contracts

  • Upgrades

  • Certified Parts

  • Cryogens

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Applications

  • Coil Repair

  • Time & Material

  • Support & Training

  • Staffed 24/7

Southwest Medical Resources (SwMR) provides turnkey solutions for your GE MRI, CT and PET/CT equipment needs. WE CAN do upgrades from any platform to any platform within the GE continuum. We offer fully customized solutions from suite build-outs to mobile remanufacturing. Interim rentals to multi-year lease agreements. SwMR has flexible finance options available. Whatever your unique needs may be, make SwMR your strategic partner. We can bring value to your investment today.

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