COVID-19 SwMR WeCare Proactive Screening

In an attempt to keep our beloved staff safe from COVID-19, we are asking that ALL persons entering our facility, to enter through the guest parking lot warehouse entrance. Please answer the questions below and take your temperature with the non-invasive thermometer provided. Once you have completed the form, have answered “No” to questions 3-5, and your temperature registers under 100.4 degree Fahrenheit or 38 degree Celsius, you are cleared to enter the building, provided you are wearing a mask and have wiped your hands with the disinfecting wipes provided.


If, your temperature is out of range or you answered “Yes” to questions 3-5, or you actively have COVID-19, we kindly ask that you submit your form and promptly leave the facility. If you are an Employee: Call Human Resources at (951) 847-1854 upon leaving the office. They will help you through the next step(s). If you are a Visitor: Please call (951) 734-3737 to reschedule your visit.


Executives and Directors