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An extensive inventory of over $20 million in parts is stocked in our 140,000 sq ft warehouse located in Ontario, California, conveniently located within a short driving distance from 5 different airports, local and international. Our parts depot is staffed 24/7 for expedited deliveries to locations worldwide. From MRI coils and CT tubes to PET detectors, our huge inventory of parts is standing by to support your every need.

Parts Plus Support
SouthWest parts support extends beyond installation. Customers trust us to learn more about how parts work after they've made their purchase. With extensive experience, you can count on us for the expert care you can trust. 


Parts Plus Service
When purchasing parts from SwMR, consider our engineer support if an unexpected issue arises. Customers' expectations are exceeded when our team goes above and beyond to make sure our customer is satisfied with a part.


Repair Process
Our support engineers have over 20 years of OEM equipment repair experience. They work in-house with a surplus of high-quality spare parts, restoring them to perfect condition. Parts are then tested to GE specifications and prepared for shipment.  The most common repairs and refurbishments include: MRI coils, patient tables, chillers, computer systems, system encoders and various motors.


Refurbishment Process
When parts enter our facility for refurbishment, our team performs a thorough inspection, and bench tests each part using standard diagnostic testing. If there are signs of any wear on the parts, such as pads for cradles, they are assigned for replacement. Before any refurbished parts are shipped, a technician administers a test in a fixture or full operating system.


Testing Process
We strive to ensure our parts are the most reliable in the marketplace. At our California headquarters, we have designed an emulation environment catered specifically to testing parts, including MRI coils, CT tubes, system cabinet boards and an array of process boards. Staffing our testing bays are a team of experienced technicians and engineers who perform the same tests on parts utilized by GE.


Our 140,000 sq ft warehouse stocks over $20 million in parts and catalogs over 20,000 GE parts.


SouthWest Medical Resources guarantees the parts we repair in-house – which hold 90 –  180 day warranties with technical support included.


Outright Exchange
SwMR has an extensive inventory of parts that are available for outright sales. Contingent upon the condition of the part, some require an exchange. Our sales representatives are committed to identifying the right part to fix your equipment.

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