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SouthWest Medical Resources was founded in 2004 by Don McCormack and a team of manufacturer-trained, highly specialized service engineers.


Since then, SouthWest has grown to become a worldwide independent service organization, providing an array of services, projects, technical support, and refurbished mobile and fixed site systems including General Electric MRI, CT, and PET /CT imaging equipment.


From purchasing parts and services to repairing and refurbishing systems, there are many reasons hospitals and imaging centers partner with us. Direct competitive prices ensure you can trust the value we provide. SwMR offers many options to our customers, with opportunities to purchase, lease, rent and even joint venture. WE CAN help your facility perform optimally, so your patients can expect high quality images.



SwMR is a Family Corporation; we exist to provide quality patient care with integrity to customers through value-driven imaging services. We strive to provide the best career opportunities for our employees and their families.


To become the premier provider of parts, equipment refurbishment, and comprehensive support services; expand customers’ understanding and expectations of what can be done in the secondary market through training and education; bring value-based solutions to care providers directly via in-house engineers or support of strategic service providers; and to become the customer’s very best solution for evolving their asset maintenance practices and take them to the next level of capability.

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The sales team at SouthWest were very helpful in determining the best part we needed for our system. They listened to our problems, offered an affordable solution and provided support even after our part was installed. Thanks SouthWest!